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When you are living 

     in an active state 

         of balance and vitality

             you are living wellness. 


Living Wellness Seminars

Customize your seminar or choose from the following offerings: 

  1. The Ten Key Catalysts toward Optimal Health

  2. Take Care of Your Body, it is the only House you have

  3. INTUITION: Learning to Listen to the Voice Within

  4. In-Sourcing: Access Your Inner Power

  5. Success: Ten Keys to Access your Potential

  6. Balance: Living the Secret of Life

  7. BE Your Vision: Manifest from the Inside Out

  8. Living from the Inner Eye of the Storm in a Turbulent World


Weekends Packages

Create your ideal Wellness Weekend including:

  • ​Hiking

  • Yoga

  • Guided meditation

  • Discovering the hidden treasures in nature

  • Unique excursions to meet all levels of fitness and adventure

  • Power Places and Vortices

  • Catered picnic lunches

  • Outdoor fitness classes in nature: Beach, Forest, Parks, etc.

Group Hike
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