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Access your Ageless Athlete

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

The Ageless Athlete is one who takes care of their body-mind as if it were a jewel, a gem that holds its value, especially when cared for. After all, your body is your house and if you don’t take care of it, where are you going to live?

The Ageless Athlete is anyone who maintains a level of fitness that enhances the quality of their life.

I have come to appreciate the value of the being an ageless athlete. As a competitive athlete, I focused 99% of my time and energy on the workouts that were designed to win my competitions. So stretching, recovery days and those details were something I saved for off season…which never really came! I soon became so out of balance with my muscle strength to length ratio that I kept injuring myself and wasn’t able to access my potential. The day came when I started to engage in stretching; I could no longer touch my toes! That was a harsh reality check and pivotal moment. Realizing how much range of motion I lost, I said to myself, “This sure is a good way to get old fast.” And I knew this was TRUTH. From that moment on, my journey began to reverse the mystery of premature aging.

Everyone has an ageless athlete within and it’s never too late to discover yours.

This is your invitation to become an Ageless Athlete.

To become an Ageless Athlete, you need: Active Flexibility, Agility, Balance, Coordination, Core (Abdominal-Low Back integration), Stretching while Strengthening, and Activation, that’s the doing it part! Yes, those ARE a lot of ingredients, but the good news is this: The classes that I offer incorporate all of these essentials within each class. If classes and groups are not your style, I am happy to create a personalized program that fits your lifestyle and body so that you too, can become and Ageless Athlete.

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