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Synergy trains you to align your body, mind & spirit while challenging your body to a unique blend of strengthening and lengthening exercise, utilizing integrative combinations of physioball, foam cylinder, resistive bands, and light weights. 

Transparent Texture

Personal Training

Janel will develop a specifically tailored program to help you efficiently and effectively meet your fitness goals. When your training program fits you, the results are evident.

Group Workout

Group Classes

You will leave Janel’s group classes feeling looser, stronger, aligned and rejuvenated. Janel shares her unique blend of integrative fitness, where Eastern wisdom meets modern modalities of the West.


Multi-Sport Coaching

As a world-class triathlete, Janel is proficient in running, biking and swimming. Combining these skills with her training as a Certified Exercise Physiologist enables Janel to work with clients at all skill levels. Her synergistic training methods help all her clients develop stamina, strength, speed, and perseverance.

Performance Conditioning for Golf


How you move is the basis of your success in golf. Janel’s unique training allows her to assess the dynamics of posture and movement. When they are not synchronous, your golf game suffers. Through Janel’s unique analysis, she devises a Synergy program to bring your movement to maximum efficiency.

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