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Alchemy for the Heart


Lead with your Heart, Your feet will Follow.

As we come to know ourselves and evolve through life's great labyrinth, we have the opportunity to earn Golden Wisdom, the knowingness and connectedness within this Unified Web or tapestry of Life...which we are undeniably all an interconnected part of. The more we are in touch with our heart, our Essence, our innate knowing, the more carefree and content our lives can become. This is a priceless place to live from. 

It is a Dynamic everchanging quest. 

Yet when we come to know how to navigate life from our innermost knowing, the external factors and variables matter less, cause less stress, worry, anxiety etc. 

And the quality of our life increases in magnitude, while the quantity we accomplish has more efficiency, fluidity and inner power. 


Janel has a niche` for empowering and inspiring. Her craft is guiding, coaching and consulting in a precise and accurate way, 100% relevant to each person's path and life coordinates. 

She utilizes her gift of seeing and intuition of knowing in an innovative, creative way that awakens one's Inner Power/Essence. She helps clients discover their purpose and tools to navigate toward their goals,

vision and quality of life. 

She has coached several athletes to their victory, leaders, CEOs and StartUps to/thru great success, and several others who are ready to achieve their potential, make a breakthrough and/or achieve beyond their known capacity. 

Our heart is a portal of magnificence. 

Our heart knows. 

Our heart feels. 

Our heart is Intelligent. 

Our heart only knows Love and Truth. 

Our heart is the gateway to our Soul 

Our Soul contains everything we need to know. Our Soul lives within our Heart. 

To reach our infinite invincible, 

we must enter through the Heart. 

This is the Heart of the matter... 

and all that really, truly matters 

Avails itself when we are dynamic rapport with our own Great Heart . 

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