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Alchemy for the Soul


As Synergy is the whole greater than the sum of its pieces,  so too is our Soul. Yet our Soul is often regarded as some metaphysical mystery and not relevant, practical to our everyday life. SOUL ALCHEMY offers the vault of your existence,  your unbounded potential, and exact Life Architecture, like your 'black box'. Soul knowing, gut instinct, feeling it in your bones are examples of those times,  those windows when life has lined up in a synchronistic way in which you KNOW something beyond your mind's linear capacity.  Usually, this is a fleeting moment and a mystery how it came through. Yet the Laws of Nature, the Vedas, the Tao i.e. have touched on this very Gift, this Way of Life. Alchemy offers the opportunity to access and utilize this portal whenever you wish. 

Soul Architecture readings are available to avail to you, information, your life purpose and exquisite jewels unique only to you.  This can be life-changing and empowering like no other. When we are in harmony and alignment with our Life Purpose and the Force of Creation, we are naturally able to access the power within ourselves and throughout the Universe. It is our very Essence, yet often dormant and rarely utilized. Yet this Golden Nucleus is the epicenter from which all arises and is possible. Breakthroughs are often realized when Soul Power comes to the forefront of our lives.
Living your Potential Is a customized,  Dynamic Life Coaching program that gives each person their own power platform to create and manifest your Vision / Goals.

This is program is an intimately guided monthly journey that offers daily life affirmations, practices and creative activities that will anchor, strengthen, inspire and empower you to your BEST YOU. Personal Goals, Spiritual Quests, Breakthroughs, Crossroads, Business Aspirations, Addiction, Health, and Healing are some of the intentions people bring to the table.

The whole of Self is contained within our very soul 

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