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Alchemy for the Mind

When you are the master of your mind, your Big Mind can be accessed, available and HARNESSED for a vision, a possibility, capability far greater than which can be accomplished with finite strength and aptitude. This is where GENIUS arises from. 

Janel offers a methodology to individuals and organizations who strive to work from, and create from a workbench of unlimited potential; QI or Quantum Intelligence. Janel offers a uniquely tailored template that weaves the magnificence of Q.I. with I.Q.

IT is this Golden NUCLEUS in which Thriving, Innovations and Inventions arise, a Synergy of these two Energies of Intelligence, I.Q. and Q.I.; 
The integrated dance of right and left hemispheres of your brain! 
Where the rubber meets the road, are Interwoven and integrated. 


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