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Exec Coaching/Leadership Counsel

Janel offers a unique approach to leaders, CEO’s, StartUp teams/individuals, and the daring Trailblazers of our world. The Golden Nucleus, she calls it, is our Infinite Reservoir of KNOWING, the place Visions, Clarity, Information, and Great Intelligence is stored. There is both a skill and an art to accessing, utilizing, and integrating the jewels of our Golden Nucleus. While there is great value in a noteworthy I.Q., 

JANEL sees that as only a puzzle piece of our potential. Her niche is helping individuals access and utilize their Quantum Intelligence, Q.I. The dynamic convergence of knowing and KNOWING adds great value and power to every leader, every endeavor. Her keen intuition provides sharp, accurate, and reliable support for ‘ unchartered waters ’ and practical challenges alike.

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