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Dance of Science and Spirit

where possibilities and potential exceed limitation


Alchemy for the Mind


Alchemy for the Soul

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Alchemy for the Heart

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Setting your Sights on Superior Results

The work of Alchemy is an art, skill, and gift the Janel offers to individuals with aspirations and visions beyond the human I.Q. Rather, the epic convergence of Infinite Quantum Intelligence with I.Q. (Q.I / I.Q). 

  • Radical Healing

  • Life Coaching & Counsel 

  • Business Strategy / Innovative Consulting

Alchemy is possible when a superior blend of the energies of Mind, Body, Heart & Soul unite in a precise, particular way for a purpose, intention, or goal that surpasses that of human intellect or capacity. This Totality, which Janel summons and facilitates with an individual, creates an energy field that attracts the Quantum Field of Intelligence. It this exact convergence of Totality, the sum of all parts, that sets up a dynamic potential for the desired outcome. As the individual’s goal is established during the session, that intention becomes the center of the Great Center, like an umbilical root; Alchemy is the outcome, the blossoming of a new reality in manifest.

  • the means to achieve that which is beyond the known.

  • the attitude and aptitude for seeking that beyond the human mind.

  • the art of creating your Vision with access to the reservoir of the Quantum Intelligence.

  • the beckoning … Spirit of Life as Mystery,.

  • Creating right relationship with the Universe so as to be available and receptive for New Unchartered Waters of possibility & potential; To be anchored in Reality while Untethered and Free (muting mind’s limited boundary, constriction ).

Want to learn more? 

A complimentary 20-minute consult is available by calling 831 236 4352 or inquiring email,

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