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Meet Janel 

  • 21 Years Professional Experience in Personalized Training & Physical Therapy

  • The developer of the Synergy Training Method

  • World Class Multi-Sport Medal Winner

  • IronWoman 


Janel's Story

Adolescence was a big challenge for me. I was overweight, depressed, and hopeless. One day, in one moment, I had a flash, a life-changing idea: I would start anew, brand new… recreate my life so the college could be a new entry point into life with an entirely new Janel. My plan included excluding junk food, adhering to healthy, natural foods (a complete 180-degree shift) a meager .6 mile walk and a mental remodel: installing active imagination, affirmations, and mantras while flushing out old energy while I was exercising. My anchoring force was commitment, tenacity, and devotion. Within one year I lost 30 pounds, was physically and mentally fit. 


After college, I pursued running and became a national competitor. After my first marathon, a coach spotted my natural talent and passion and offered to coach me. He inspired me to buy and learn how to bike. Six months into training, my coach persuaded me to go to the Duathlon National Championships.


The Synergy Philosophy

The body works together 

   to form a whole.

If any part
of the body
is out of balance,
it affects every other part.

By bringing balance
and liveliness to your body,
you will balance and enliven
your emotions, mind and spirit.

Synergy is a system of advanced
Bio-Dynamics that works to strengthen
and balance your body and simultaneously,
your whole being.


I was so unsettled by this new platform of athleticism that I prayed not to finish last. I had a history of sitting at the end of the bench in sports I didn’t excel in, so I felt the residue of my ‘lack’ creeping in. Turns out I had a pretty lucky day: I had the fastest bike split in the nation that day and qualified for the World Championships. Day by day, race by race, I was remodeling my body-mind, learning to reclaim the Janel I was discovering. 

I received a bronze medal at the Duathlon World Championship in 1997 in Guernica Spain and came home with a new challenge on the horizon. It seemed time to pursue my ultimate dream…the Ironman Triathlon, a mere 2.4-mile swim followed by 112 miles of cycling, followed by a 26.2-mile run. This race is not for sissies. My first challenge was learning how to swim and overcoming a phobia of swimming in water deeper than my height.

I naturally accessed my inner template of wisdom from losing weight and getting fit…one breath, one stroke, one day at a time. In 2000, I entered the Ironman and fulfilled the quest of my dreams. By this time I was absolutely certain beyond any doubt that the possibilities for transformation and change are unlimited. The wisdom and knowledge that I gained are priceless and I apply it to every day of my life and share it with every client who wishes to pursue their personal quest, large or small.

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