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While Synergy is the Essence, greater than the sum of its pieces, Alchemy Is that Totality which is unlimited and infinite in power and potential.

How do you know if you are ready for SYNERGY Exploration?

If you have a willing body that acknowledges the importance of fitness as a modality for increased health and vitality, SYNERGY will guide you with the manifestation of your goal(s) while accessing your optimal state of being. Every fitness journey has its unique route which is highlighted by individuality in workout programs available. Tailored regimes include the physical component to enliven the body while strengthening and enhancing the flexibility of mind and spirit. 



What our clients say out about Synergy

Janel is a Force of Nature! She offers her “ Synergy “ classes in the most exquisite settings in Nature and incorporates her wisdom of body mechanics with Spirit, Mind & the Elements. We tone our muscles lifting stones & breathe consciously with the waves of the ocean.  The beach is our yoga mat, balance beam, and platform for a variety of therapeutic movements & exercises. We use Thera~bands for stretching and opening our  ~ inside and outside the body.  Janel guides us with simple movements that twist ~ spiral ~ bend and open our necks, chest, shoulders, back & hips ~ hamstrings & calves ..need I name all body parts? She covers them! With Heart, Mind, Body & Soul,  Janel delivers a unique & extraordinary session every week and her powerful & positive words assist with Grace & Medicine. This class inspires me in ways I have never experienced. I am grateful to Janel, our circle, and the opportunity to experience this powerful synergy.

Thank You, Janel... You Rock & Shine! Ommmmmmmmmmmm
~ Nancy

Janel brings enthusiasm spiritualism and profound expertise of the body. She is able to give insight to particular adjustments needed to each person. It's a beautiful time to engage in. 

~ D.S.

"Janel brings great energy and expertise to our Synergy classes. She combines deep knowledge of the body with spiritual wisdom. I always feel better after our classes. Plus, we have a lot of fun."  ️
~ M.S.

Janel emanates joy and deep inner strength.
Her keen eye and multisensory perception are her superpowers that she integrates into her work. her lighthearted creativity makes for healing and transformation a magical adventure.

~ Matthew J.

My favorite exercise ever; working outdoors in nature with Janel's superb expertise and spontaneous innovative Synergy for my body, soul, and spirit. There is nothing in the world like this opportunity to be inspired with creative unique movement using rocks for weights and bands for resistance. I've had over seven years of experience with Janel out in nature and it's the highlight of my fitness world....exquisite Soul Food.

~ Deanna Allen

What I have always admired in you is your ability to be an actor and discard the acting wardrobe after such a powerful performance. I AM A FAN FOR LIFE! 

~ Devadatton

Janel has an uncanny gift for identifying where are you were stuck, and how to move forward.
~ Mark G.

My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for 3 years, tried everything and just before we gave up, Janel, and her Alchemy work, was recommended to us. I contacted her, and she said she could help us; 3 remote Alchemy sessions. And within a month after, I was pregnant. Our miracle daughter is a healthy little Angel and we are so grateful.
~ Jackie & Mathew

I was at a point in my life when I wasn't feeling passionate and centered...overstressed, losing my hair rapidly, picking up bad habits, and in a stagnant relationship.

I was recommended to Janel. I met with her, put everything on the table....and she included all of those things in the lifestyle anew program she designed. It was actually very innovative, creative and took me places I wouldn't have traversed alone. Within 6 months, I was a New Man with passion, purpose, and whole life changed as I DID.

~ Oakley

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